• We bake the real Armenian Lavash flat-bread

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365 Deli

Address: 160 Wellington E, Aurora, ON L46 3W1 Canada

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Caring for your Lavash

  • If lavash is comsumed within one or two days, you can store it at room temperature, wrapping it up completely in a kitchen towel or a plastic bag

    Cool storage

    For long-term storage,put lavash into a plastic bag and refrigerate it. Lavash can be kept soft for approximately 10 days without losing its taste and quality.

    Dry storage

    Lavash bread dries well in several hours if placed unwrapped at room temperature, and can be kept well several months in a dry place.

    How to soften Lavash

    To soften dried Lavash, sprinkle it with water half an hour before serving, wrap in a kitchen towel, set it aside and let it absorb the water until it softens.